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Hello welcome this is the first game I have made I was wanting to make it work for html5 but couldn't figure that out so itch.io instead sorry. Anyway I hope you enjoy this game please give me some constructive feedback about game play and overall presentation. 


index.html 337 kB


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You should make this playable in-browser (You can do that with an HTML file)

I do it's on the newground version of this


But can you do it on Itch?

I'm personally don't want to think about this game I really regret it



I got the majority of the endings. Here are some I remembered, but there were definitely more




Communist Uprising

Well Hell

Aggretsuko (likely spelled that wrong) Season 3

Middle Class

Marriage Counselor

Literally Death

Crime Solver

Start Over Dummy (sandwich)

Wasted Life

The Really Funny Ending Where You Admire The Lake But I Don't Remember The Actual Name

and finally...

Double Click To Edit This Passage (cave entrance)

I very much appreciated the Undo/Redo Buttons, they made it much easier to achieve all of these endings. The main issue is the constant spelling errors, but they also compliment the game's random humor. 

6.5/10, not great, but not bad either.

Alright thanks I'm actually in the mood to make a visual novel so look out for that?

Sounds cool! You definitely have the potential to do that!


I got the Well Hell ending

Well sweet

This game is making me laugh so much, I love the random humor lol


Thanks I appreciate it